Aaronson, Sam: Lecture No. 1
©1960's (circa) Sam Aaronson
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 18 pages
Aaronson: Lecture No. 1
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Comments: this is a type-written manuscript of lecture notes, but thoroughly detailed. No illustrations.

Contents (from book):

i Introductory Note
1 Cups and Balls: standard cups, balls, load ball, and wand

3 Cards
3 The Question Mark: flourish or a simple trick
4 Mathematical Card Effect
4 A Simple False Cut
5 The Transposed Aces: Aces to the center and back
5 Reading Cards On Palm: simple one-ahead
5 The Buckle Count
6 Sequacious Spades: using the Buckle Count
8 Political Bed-Fellows: simplified Oil and Water

9 Follow the Red Thimbles: where is the thimble routine for the table top

11 Coins
11 Sleights
11 - The Standard (Classic) Palm
11 - Multiple-Coin Standard Palm
11 - Oblique (Edge) Palm
11 - Finger Palm
11 - Thumb Palm
12 - Multiple-Coin Thumb Palm
12 - Back-Clip
12 Sympathetic Coins: coins assemble under a card
14 My Two Dollar Trick: Four half dollars change to a ball, and then drop out from the ball
14 The Flying Eagles: Three English pennies pass from hand to hand with the aid of three halves
15 Four Coin Routine: half dollars through the table
16 Coins Through the Table - Three Slydini Routines: in three phases