Abbott, Bill: Smart Stuff Book
©2009 Bill Abbott
Bill Abbott:
              Smart Stuff
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Comments: "A Book of Brilliant Ideas & Routines For Your Smart Ass Deck...Included are routines for kids shows, corporate performances and comedy clubs."

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 An Introduction by Allen Zingg

2 Smart Bits:
3 Smart Stop (Bill Abbott)
4 Got Your Smart Ass Covered (Bill Abbott & Sonny Fontana)
5 Bag It Up Close (Bill Abbott inspired by David Klass)
6 Smart Bar (Doug Brewer)
7 Smart Stickler (Jeff Bloom)
8 True Love (Dave Wood)
9 Self-Esteem Success (Andy Kean)
10 Smart Ass Lines (Cris Johnson)
11 Impromptu Smart Ass (Max Muto)

12 Smart Scripts:
13 Half-Assed (Ken Dumm)
14 MTV True Princess (Floyd Collins)
15 Using Your Head (Floyd Collins)
16 Smart Waltz (Bruce Trigg)
17 That Special Moment (Allen Zingg)
18 The Amazing Wizo! (Allen Zingg)
19 Mirabile Dictu (Allen Zingg)
20 Intuition (Bill Abbott)
21 Princess & The Pea (Bill Abbott)
22 Buyers Remorse (Bill Abbott)
23 Thinking On Your Feet (Anthony Lindan)
24 In Search Of A Smart Ass (Cody Fisher)