David P. Abbott: David P. Abbott's Book of Mysteries
Abbott, David P.: David P. Abbott's Book of Mysteries
©1977 Modern Litho, Inc., NB
Hardcover, no dj, 184 pages
David P. Abbott: David P. Abbott's Book of Mysteries
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Comments: Long thought lost after his death in 1934, David Abbott's unpublished manuscript was discovered and finally published in 1977.


7 Introduction, by Walter B. Graham
9 David P. Abbott's "Mystery House"
13 Leaves from the Abbott Scrapbook

35 PART 1
35 Balsamo, the Living Skull
38 The Talking Teakettle

63 The Floating Ball Illusion
80 The Chinese Rings, An Act
99 The Spiritualistic Table
100 Best of All Slate Writing
105 The Indian Turban Illusion
110 The Spirit Portrait Mystery
131 The Serpent of Pharaoh
133 Matter through Matter
136 Ching Ling Foo's Paper Tearing Mystery
140 Han Ping Chien Coin Illusion
144 Pocket-to-Pocket Card Illusion
147 Sawing a Woman in Two - With Cords
148 Spiritualistic Spoon and Glass
149 The Want-Ad Test

153 Handkerchief and Flower Illusion
156 Kellar's Superior Paper-Tearing
157 My Own Coin Illusion
165 Cut and Restored String Illusion
169 Kellar's String Illusion
170 The Argot
172 Han Ping Chien's Double Tape Illusion
172 Slate and Billet Illusion with Sitter's Own Slates
175 Wooley's Double Tape Illusion
176 Wooley's Twenty Penny Illusion
177 The Mystic Circle and the Invisibles
179 Mock Sad Alli s Pocket-to-Pocket Illusion
181 Candy Vase and Flower Illusion
183 Roterberg's Growth of Flowers