Abbotts Book of Escapes
Abbott, Percy: Escapes
©1955 Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11"

Published in the U.K. by
The Supreme Magic Co., Ltd.
Abbott's Escapes
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Abbott's Escapes
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Percy Abbott: Escapes
Supreme Magic Edition
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Comments: From the Publisher's Foreword, "It was over twenty years ago since Percy Abbott gave us his book of Escapes to publish in Great Britain...the book never did get put out by us...However, we are remedying things now."

Contents (from Supreme Magic edition ToC):

4 Publisher's Foreword (Edwin, The Supreme Magic Co.)
5 Foreword (Percy Abbott)
6 Suggestions for Handcuff Escapes
8 Publicity Handcuff Escape

10 Chain Effects
10 Outstanding Chain Escape
11 Always Ready Chain Act
12 Niberian Chain Escape
14 Extraordinary Chain Escape
16 Lightning Shackle Chain Release
17 Chain Handcuffs
20 Nick and Wrist Cuffs
*Wonder Chain Release (listed in Abbott's edition)

22 Wrist Ties and Padlocks
22 Red Tie
24 Wire Wrist Ties
25 How to Open Padlocks

27 Sack Escapes
29 Improved Sack Escape
30 Cloth Sack Escape
31 Triple Tied Sack Escape
32 Mail Bag

33 Escapes for Stage, Platform or T.V.
33 Iron Box Escape
34 Packing Box Escape
35 Escape Box
35 Box Escape - Under Water Method
39 Stocks of Zanzibar
41 Stocks of Solomon
42 Mysterious Coffin Escape
42 From and Undertaker's Coffin
43 A Double Exchange
44 Slick Post Illusion
47 Mysterious Monk
48 Ku Klux in the Sack
49 Pull-Thru Sack Escape
50 A "Fooler" With Handcuffs

51 Sensational Escapes
51 High Dives
54 Strait Jacket Escape
55 The Abbott Strait Jacket
56 Presentation of Strait Jacket
57 Prison and Jail Breaking

59 Specialty Releases
59 Spirit Stocks
60 Spirit Collar
61 Spirit Lock
62 Spirit Platform and Sack
63 Simplex Spirit Platform and Sack
63 The Ghost Walks