Abbott, Percy: Paper Magic
©Unknown, Abbott's Magic Company, Colon, MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 13 pages
Abbott's Paper Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller SickofChanging
Percy Abbott: Paper Magic

Comments: Available from Abbott's as an ebook, and also included as part of the compilation Bag O' Trix, edited by Gordon Miller.
From the description of the ebook download, "Paper Magic is a 13 page manuscript and was the foundation for an Abbott book on the subject."

Contents (updated with descriptions, Jan 2022):

1 Flash Restoration: torn tissue paper restores in a flash
1 Malini Cigarette Paper: torn and restored
1 Challenge Cigarette Paper Tear: using a stooge
2 Living & Dead Test #1: 'dead' slip picked out of the hat
2 Living & Dead Test #2: magnetic approach
3 Living & Dead Test #3: with a Mexican Jumping Bean
2 Living & Dead Test #4: using a soft hat
2 Torn & Restored Rising Paper: the restored paper appears to rise to the other hand
3 U-Do-It Torn Paper: restored in spectator's hands
3 Floating Paper Ball: with a hoop to prove it's floating
3 Cremation Routine: uses a special type of burning paper
4 K.O. Torn Newspaper: with sucker ending
4 That's Funny: comedy restoration
5 Flag Cremation: idea for the Cremation Routine
5 Papers to Flag: idea
5 Cleo's Bracelet: white paper band changes colors on rope between wrists
5 A Glass of Beer: sqeezing beer from a crushed paper
5 The Blond Blushes: chemical trick with paper & Phenophalin
5 Blooming Roses: another chemical trick w/Phenophalin
6 Magazine Girl Smokes: chemical trick w/Hydrochloric Acid & Ammonia
6 A Good Scout: Another chemical trick
6 Flash Torn Bill Trick: idea for flash bills
6 Clippo Finale: idea for ending Clippo
7 Aladdin's Lamp: quick idea for a candle/lamp vanish & reproduction
7 Beads from AD: production of a necklace from Jewelry catalog
8 Time Marches On: torn paper reveals predicted time
8 The Wallpaper Salesman: making a wallpaper based "stamp album" book
8 Sun and Moon: multiple phase torn & restored with color changes
9 Bullet Catching: catching a signed pellet safely from a toy gun
9 Paper Patch Pictures: rag pictures on the cheap
9 Mickey Mouse: ending for torn & restored comics
10 Diagram: two Paper Patch Picture examples
11 A Paper Dress: climax for a paper tear
11 Paper Bag Escape: remains tied after escape
11 Jacob's Ladder Climb: magician climbs a paper ladder
13 Paper Box Illusion: inexpensive stage illusion