Abbott's Magic: Abbott's Cigarette Magic
1936 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co, Colon, Michigan
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 48 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller StarsInAction

Comments (StarsInAction): Compiled by Tom Zeno, with a supplement written by Percy Abbott. Lots of black and white illustrations throughout. Most of the effects could be done with chalk, crayons, miniature wands, pens, pencils, etc. 

Contents: (only first page of ToC - missing rest)

7 The Magic Spell
7 The Torn Cigarette Paper
8 Multiplication Puzzle
9 Tea Cups and Cigarettes
9 The Unbreakable Cigarette
10 Tantalizing Addition
11 One From Seven Leaves Nothing
12 One Shall Be Left
13 The Jumping Cigarette
13 Balancing Cigarette
14 Cigarette and Match Game
15 The Unbroken Cigarette
16 Simple Addition
17 The Hidden Cigarette
17 A Long Ash
18 Removing The Center
19 Fifteen Cigarette Game
20 Two Squares
21 Take A Cigarette Please
22 The Triangle Puzzle
23 Going - Going - Gone
24 Form Fours
25 Cigarette Television
26 Five Diamond Puzzle

---missing rest---

Another Cigarette Game
Pouring Smoke
A New Method of Smoking
Six Square Puzzle
A Revolutionary Cigarette
Anti-Gravity Cigarette