Abbott, Percy: Magic Card System
©1940's (circa) Abbott's
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 24 pages\

Published in the U.K. b yThe Supreme Magic Company
Abbotts Magic Card System
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Abbott's Magic Card System
Supreme Edition
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Comments: "With it you can perform miracle card tricks - even though cards are mixed you know the position of every card in the deck. No skill, any deck." Based on the Si-Stebbins stack.


1 Foreword (the publishers)
5 The Magic Card System: the set-up
6 The Rules That Make It Work
6 - Shuffling
6 - Numerical Value of Each Card
6 - The Joker
6 - Position
6 - Position as to Suits
7 Effect Number One: To tell what card a person takes from the pack, while performer holds pack behind his back
7 A Skeptical Spectator Interrupts: if a spectator wants to shuffle the deck
8 Effect Number Two: To tell how many and what cards a person may draw from pack held by performer behind his back.
9 It Might Happen to You: two potential problems and what to do
9 Effect Number Two As Performed by Two Persons
10 Effect Number Three: To rapidly call a card as a spectator pulls it from his pocket
10 Effect Number Four: To tell how far from the top are one to five different cards that may be named by your audience.
12 Effect Number Five: To let a person think of a card he sees as you run them over, then to make him place card he is thinking of in his pocket without being aware it is his card he is pocketing.
14 The Effect Done With an Assistant
15 Effect Number Six: To run cards over behind the back and name any card you may be asked to stop on.
15 Effect Number Seven: To turn back to person holding the pack, who at a snap of your finger, starts running them over one at a time, and when told by a second person to stop, you tell him what card he has stopped on.
16 Effect Number Eight: Seven-handed Poker Deal
17 Effect Number Nine: To cut any card named
18 A Pseudo Mind Reading Trick
19 The Phantom Card Game: Performer has spectator imagine himself to be playing cards with him. He selects a number of cards-enough for a hand of Rummy Poker, Bridge, etc. Performer turns back on spectator and immediately names each card.
23 The Mysterious Joker: you make the Joker the star performer