Abbott, Percy: Abbott's Practical Patter
©1935 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, Michigan
Softcover, stapled-manuscript, 8.5x11", 18 pages
Abbott's Practical
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Comments: From the contents page: "The contents of "Practical Patter" has been chosen and arranged so that the material can be applied to almost any trick. We therefore feel that you will find "bite" that you can use to good advantage." This book also appears as part of the compilation "A Panorama of Professional Prose, Palaver & Polished Poetical Patter", also published by Abbott Magic. Note that in most cases only the patter and presentation is provided, the secret workings of the tricks are not, so you typically must own the trick to fully understand the presentation.

Contents: (updated Jan 2016):

1 Torn and Restored Napkin: patter and presentation
2 Trickery: colored pegs vanish from handkerchief to appear elsewhere, patter only
3 Twenty-One Cent Trick (Sid Lorraine): routine and patter
4 Nest of Boxes: conversational patter
5 Stupendous Production: patter for a production box
5 Wand: wand from purse and vanishing wand patter
6 Egg Bag: patter
6 Die Box: patter presentation
7 Cut and Restored Rope Trick (Bert Douglas): adapted to Abbott's Encore Rope Trick, 2nd method, though some lines are applicable to any version
8 Confoundit Dollar: a torn and restored dollar presentation
9 Mystic Vase of the Orient: patter for the vase that hangs on a string
10 Rice Bowls: a Chinese patter approach
10 Multiplying Golf Balls: patter
11 Metalism: patter for a coin trick that used a Brass Cap, pennies and dimes
11 The Merry Mix Up: card trick rhyming patter
12 The Pirates' Doubloons: patter for coins with holes magically removed from rope
13 Yellow Joe or The Gangster's Waterloo: patter for perhaps a card trick?
13 Bawden's Rice Bowls: story of a careful farmer
14 Spook Lecture: an expose of false mediums, intended before a presentation
16 Ventriloquial Dialogue: Are You Trying to Annoy Me?
18 Bits of Patter You Can Use: eleven bits