Abich, Roz & Boche Kaplan: Mixed Bag of Magic Tricks
©1973 Roz Abisch and Boche Kaplan, Xerox Education Publications, CT
Softcover, perfect-bound, 80 pages

Easy to Do Magic Tricks
©1984 Field Publications, Weekly Reader Books

Mixed Bag of Magic Tricks
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Easy to do Magic Tricks
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Comments: Children's book of magic. Original title was "Mixed Bag of Magic Tricks", re-released as a Weekly Reader book under the title, "Easy to Do Magic Tricks".

Contents (from book):

9 Introduction
11 The Performance
12 The Snake Charmer: thread rises through static electricity
14 The Open Door: walking through a postcard
17 Toothpick Teasers: puzzles using toothpicks or matchsticks
21 The Penny Mystery: magician picks penny selected b: y the audience
23 The Chinese Fisherman: magician fishes an ice cube out of a bowl
26 The Forgetful Chef: magician finds the hard boiled egg among the raw eggs
28 The Cereal Tamer: cereal in a bowl rises and falls
30 The Flying Egg: egg flies out of an egg cup with a blow
32 The Paper Puzzler: spectator can't tear a paper as requested
34 A Hair Raiser: another static electricity stunt
36 The Right Date: calendar math magic
38 The Name Dropper: the center tear
41 The Number Game: assistant aids you in determining number from audience
42 The Undecided Tourist: magician predicts which place on a map was selected
44 Concentration: magician predicts which card pile would be chosen
46 The Diamond Discovery: Assistant aids magician in knowing which card was chosen
48 Correct Spelling: spelling the Cards Ace through King
50 The Age Detector: mathematical trick
53 The Lucky Number: another age trick
55 The Color Clue: magician determines color of crayon behind his back
57 The Dollar Robbery: challenge stunt
59 The Hypnotized Finger: spectator can't raise their finger
61 Instant Surgery: optical illusion of a hole in your palm
63 Optical Illusions: 5 of them
66 X-ray Eyes: blindfolded magician knows how many cards removed
68 The Magic Marbles: physical illusion
69 Button, Button Number 1: puzzle
71 Button, Button Number 2: puzzle
73 The Water Trick: puzzle
75 The Magic Knot: tying a knot without letting go of the ends
77 The Mystic Charm: puzzle
79 And Last but Not Least: a word puzzle