Acer, David: 7 by Rick Bronson
©2005 David Acer
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 35 pages
David Acer 7 By Rick Bronson
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David Acer: 7 by Rick Bronson

Comments: Illustrated by Joey Incollingo. Vol. 3 in the "7 By" Series (first two were 7 by Michel Huot; 7 by Patrik Kuffs).

Contents (from book):

2 Foreword (David Acer)
3 - Rick Bronson: brief biography
4 Lighter, Then Air: flame from a borrowed lighter is grabbed and returned, and the lighter vanishes
6 - Snap Sleeve
8 Big Time (with David Acer): Magician magically enlarges the index of a selection, and then the entire deck
9 - Riffle Force
9 - Side-Steal Colour Change
13 Spinner: a flourish to return a card to the deck
15 Missing Ink (with David Acer): a blank business card prints in the spectator's hands, then the entire stack prints
16 - Gary Kurtz' Unidirectional Turnover
17 - Hindu Shuffle Force
23 No Sweat!: comedy interlude for your act
24 Needle Through What?: Needle through balloon goes awry, but all turns out okay
28 Ricky Bottles: extensive coverage of Rick's version of the Tricky Bottle, or Topsy Turvey Bottles routine

39 Advertisement: for other books in the series