Acer, David: 7 by Patrik Kuffs
2004 David Acer
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5",
7 by
              Patrik Kuffs
Image courtesy e-Bay seller DonBursell

Comments: David Acer has produced three "7 by" volumes, each featuring magic by different performers. This volume is the magic of Patrick Kuffs.

Contents: (page numbers added Jan 2017)

2 Foreword (David Acer)
4 French Lint: name of selection is revealed in the lint of a lint remover
7 Under the Table: selection vanishes and is found to be a card previously placed under the table leg. Includes The Fiedler Card (Lubor Fiedler), and the Fiedler Force.
12 Temporal Anomaly: The hands on magicians and spectator's analog watches are randomly spun; the watches are exchanged and each draws the time on the other's watch - the times match!
15 Bottle Royale: Audience selects one of three bags which the magician crushes with his hand; this is repeated with a 2nd bag, and finally the last bag is revealed to have a jagged broken bottle under it.
18 Invisible Touch: Spectator 2 feels a "touch" on one of his fingers that matches a prediction made by another spectator. Dr. Jacks Wallet & The Pocket Peek.
22 P.K. Card Stab: cards are spread on the table and a knife jabbed at a position selected by the spectator, the knife has stabbed the selection
26 Jackpot!: a Bank Night routine without the sting of some others.
30 Bonus - The Professional Touch (Kuffs & Acer)