David Acer & Michel Huot: 7 by Michel Huot
Acer, David & Michel Huot: 7 by Michel Huot
©2003 David Acer
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 35 pages
Acer: 7 by Michel Huot
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Comments: the first in the "7 by" series.

Contents (from book ToC, updated Feb 2019):

2 Foreword (David Acer)
3 Introduction (Richard Sanders)

5 I Really Knew It!: Spectator selects one of four Aces, and magician reveals humorous prediction; Flushtration Count, Bro. John Hamman; Annemann-Christ Alignment Move
11 Ultimate Aces: visual change of four indifferent cards into four Aces using The Spring Change
16 D'Christmas Tree: The light from a Christmas tree bulb is plucked from the tree and restored
19 Don't Follow the Leader: spectator movement follows movement of cards they chose; Half Pass
23 Acid Trip: coffee and spoon transfiguration
25 Cellular Fun: three cards revealed using your cell phone; Ed Marlo's Tilt
29 Signed Quarter In Balloon: signed quarter is tossed in the air and enters a balloon, and is magically extracted
- Part I The Penetration
- Part II - The De-Penetration
- The Bump De- Penetration (David Acer)