Acer, David: Richard Sanders - Close Up Assassin
©1998 Camirand Academy of Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5" 88 pages
Richard Sanders Close Up Assassin
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Comments: Was originally packaged with a companion VHS video.


6 Foreword (David Acer)
8 Richie's Double Bill Switch
16 Trick Photography II: The Biddle Count
24 My Cupped Hands Runneth Over: Hang Ping Chien Move
31 Skinny Kreskin: Riffle Force
37 Richie's Little Stickman: Hindu Shuffle Control, K.M. Move, Side Steal
48 Cramped
53 Trident Sugarless Bill
58 Behind My Back: Double-card gimmick
63 Billboard: Switch-out envelope
72 Sour Dough: Body Language Shuttle Pass
82 Bonus: Sanders on the Belanger Cigarette Through Quarter