Allan Ackerman: The Carjurer
Ackerman, Allan: The Cardjurer
©2012 Allan Ackerman
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 110 pages
Allan Ackerman: The Cardjurer
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Contents (courtesy Denis Behr's Conjuring Archive, greater detail available at Denis' site): 

4 Foreword
7 The FANcy Pass
11 The Oops Addition
15 The HP Bottom Palm
17 Thirty Minute Memorized Deck
19 Bonus Cull
21 M&H Multiple Shift
23 Tweaking the Veeser Bluff Shift
27 The Cliff Green Add-On
29 The Burnable Bottom Deal
31 OPOS Count
33 Fingertip Rhythm
37 The HP Add-On
41 The Ultimate Gesture Cut - UGC
43 Technicolor Splits
47 The Splits
53 A Cull for R.B.
55 An Invisile Card
61 Another Ride on the Mass Transit
65 Predetermined Cutting
69 Impromptu Predetermined Cutting
73 Searching for a Thought
75 Impromptu Searching for a Thought
79 Another Interlaced Vanish
85 The Never Ending Elevator
89 The Royal Marriage Trilogy
95 Technicolor Progressive
103 Isolating the General
109 The World's Greatest Card Cheat