Ackerman, Allan: Ackerman 2004
2005 Allan Ackerman
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 54 pages
Ackerman 2004
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Comments (gdz2101): Allan Ackerman's awesome lecture notes "Ackerman 2004" revised with additional material and edited by Bill Goodwin & Looy Simonoff in 2005.  Includes variations and applications of ideas by Steve Draun, Harvey Rosenthal, John Guastaferro, Lee Asher, and Jack Carpenter. There exists a companion DVD demonstrates the many devious moves in the notes as well as bonus routines to demonstrate the moves in context.  Everything is top notch.  If you know Allan Ackerman's work, that should be no surprise.  

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Foreword

2 Moves
2 New Math Addition
5 Olram Plus Count
6 The Bull Shift (Ackerman, Marlo)
9 The HP Action
11 The HP Half Pass
12 The AI Move
13 The Center Load Variation (Rosenthal)
15 The Auto Unload
16 Ultra Rub-a-Dub-Dub
18 The P-Shift

21 Routines
21 Old Marlo - New Handle
23 Finesse the Finessed
26 Follow the Leader
29 Revisiting Molly (Carpenter, Ackerman)
32 The Prequel and the Sequel
36 LJ visits BJ
40 A Bigger Surprise (Guastaferro, Ackerman)
43 I Dance for the Devious - Two (Carpenter, Ackerman)
49 The 23 Year Old Clean Up
53 Impromptu Finesse the Finessed