Ackerman, Allan: Al Cardpone; aka Cardface
©1997 Allan Ackerman, Nevada
Paper, stapled manuscript, 40 pages
Al Cardpone
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Comments: The Las Vegas Blues Lecture 1997. Edited by Sandy Ackerman & Looy Simonoff. Featuring killer card routines using blue and red backed cards.


3 Foreword
4 Impromptu Tattoo You
9 Optical Rhythm
12 HPC for Cards
15 OPOS Count
17 Technicolor Progressive
24 Anyone Anywhere: The Premise
26 Anyone Anywhere: Two Shakes
30 Anyone Anywhere: The Indicator
32 Anyone Anywhere: Lazy Man's Version
33 Anyone Anywhere: Impromptu Indicator
34 More Mixed Up Blues
39 A Bag of O'Henrys - Re-bagged