Ackerman, Allan: Here´s My Card
©1978 Allan Ackerman, GBC Press, Las Vegas
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.25", 109 pages
ISBN: 0-89650-738-6
Here's My Card
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Comments: Drawings by Deryl Skelton from Photos by Charlie.  Assumes knowledge of basic card sleights.

Contents (from book): 

9 Publisher's Note
11 Author's Note

13 Easy Off Pips: A three to a Two to an Ace to a Blank Card
15 Kabbala Elevators: elevator routine
17 Card Case Collectors: three selections appear in card case between the Aces
22 It Happens in the Spectator´s Hands Jack Sandwich
24 EvaporAcetion: Ace vanish
27 Hofzinser Card Pass to a Full Bottom Palm
29 An Effect: using the above
31 Open Travelers: version of Jennings' Travelers plot
35 R. K. One Handed Tilt (Roger Klause)
37 Thinking It Through (Derek Dingle): cards mixed face up and face down right themselves with exception of the selection
42 Downers and Uppers: same card occupies three different locations in the deck at the same time
44 Sandwich Trilogy (Klause, Marlo, Ackerman): series of three sandwich effects
46 Rollover Card Vanish: inspired by Slydini's Revolve Vanish
47 Impromptu Ultra Mental: thought of card appears face down
49 A Closer Approach: another version
50 Double Ultra Mental: magician's and spectator's cards are reversed in two decks
51 Forethought: version of Eddie Joseph's Premonition - thought of card to pocket
53 Impromptu Premonition: with no set-up
53 The Super Cut: another thought of card revelation
57 Dropping a Card: out for a psychological force
60 Double Reverse: selection and thought of cards end up reversed
62 Quick Coincidence: Spectator's selection matches performer's prediction, and is sandwiched between the other two cards of the set
68 The Spectator´s Triumph (Ackerman, Heck): Spectator shuffles face up and face down deck and only selection remains face down, with a different back
70 Blanks - Selections - Aces: blank cards become selections then Aces
72 The Ten Handed Stack (Ackerman, Freeman)
77 Streamlined Oil and Water: approach to Marlo Oil and Water effect
82 New Convincing Control: card replaced in the deck moves instantly to bottom
86 Conclusion

87 Appendix
88 A Card Pass: reprinted from Effects From the Magic Mafia
90 Variance Variant: deuce  rises to the top under the Kings and more
94 Blackjack Players´ Delight (Ron Ferris)
96 Top-To-Bottom Block Transfer
98 Al Leech´s "Posthumous": spectator cuts to the four Aces
101 Ackerman Variation of the One Hand Center Deal
103 Ace Cutting Display
104 Looy´s Addition: secretly add a held-out card when you pick up the deck
106 Koplooy! Or An Old Cop on a New Beat: card stolen from the deck and is instantly ready for return
108 Hamman ESP: ESP card effect