Ian Adair: A La Zombie
Adair, Ian: A La Zombie
©1965 Ian Adair, The Supreme Magic Co., Bideford, Devon
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 7x9"
              Adair: A La Zombie
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Comments: There is a later edition of this book, "A La Zombie Plus" with additional material.

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Introduction
4 History And Origin
5 The Candle Floats
5 Floating Light Bulb
5 Floating Balloon
6 Another Idea With A Ball
6 Yet Another Novelty
6 Another Idea
7 Adair's Skeleton And Floating Skull
10 A Finish To Ian Adair's Comedy Floating Skull
11 Animated Ale
12 Another Light Ale
14 Pocket Zombie Sphere
16 Floating Golf Ball
16 The Matador
17 Duck On The Pond
17 The Flying Paper Bird
20 Rolled Up Paper Ball
20 Floating Crystal Ball
20 Rising And Floating Match
21 Toy-Time
22 Heads On And Off
22 The Floating Lady
23 Passe- Passe Zombie
23 The Dancing Ball
23 The Magnetic Ball
24 The Ball Vanishes
24 Stanley Watson's Presentation
24 A Simple Zombie Vanish
25 Another Magnetic Ball Idea
25 From Zombie To Thread Method
25 The Man In The Moon
26 Floating Doll
29 Balloon Sword Suspension
31 Zombie Ball Finale
31 The End
31 Butterfly Ball
31 Silk in the Ball
31 Ball to Flowers
32 Ball to Dove
32 Floating Giant Egg
32 Roy Darnley's Presentation
32 Conclusion