Adair, Ian: Conjuring as a Craft
(republished as Magic Step by Step)
1970 ARCO Publishing, NY
Hardcover w/dj 160 pages

Magic Step by Step
1972 ARCO Publishing, NY
Softcover, perfect bound, 5.5x8.5"

Also published by A.S. Barnes & Co.
Conjuring as a Craft
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Magic Step By Step
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1 Chapter 1 Introduction to Magic

15 Chapter 2 Tricks With Almost Anything
15 Red, White And Blue: three cards in a hat
18 Spooky Matches: matches move apart to reveal card selection
20 Stretching a Scarf: short scarf becomes long
22 Crazy Matchbox (Tom Sellers): matchbox tray expands to come out both ends
25 Linking Clips: paper clips link in a matchbox
27 The Magic Pencil: the "pencil writes in any color" gag with a magical ending
31 The X-Ray Machine: spooky writing card revelation
35 Bare Hand Card Catch: cards are dropped, and magician catches the selection
37 Ghostly Cards: one card penetrates the other

40 Chapter 3 More Ambitious Problems
40 Inexpensive Newspaper Silks Plus: silks produced from newspaper
42 In the Glass Appearance: All cards drop from an inverted glass except the selection
44 Pranky Papers: magician determines color of tissue paper balls behind his back, and produces coins from them at the end
47 Television Aces: a Four Ace trick in a special card panel
54 The Divining Sticks: sticks help determine which glass contains the water
58 Television Time: a sucker card (with TV picture) in envelope trick
62 Final Forecast: prediction effect
65 Travelling Transistor: vanishing radio that is playing
67 Egg and Confetti: for the platform show
70 Magical Printing: Plain cards are fanned with blank faces, but become printed

72 Chapter 4 Simple Sleight of Hand (with B&W photographs)
73 A Simple Billiard Ball Move
74 The Ball Reappears
77 Another Vanish
82 Take-Away Vanish
82 A Round-About Vanish
85 A Simple Palm
86 Producing a Thimble
90 Catching Coins In the Air
90 A Cigarette Vanish or Production
94 A Complete Routine Producing Twelve Cigarettes From the Air
101 Mysterious Paper Balls: two in the hand, one in the pocket
104 Pots of Plenty: Cups and Balls routine using flower pots, sponge seeds, and plastic carnation tops as balls
112 Marvellous Money Box: a Miser's dream with a gimmicked tin coin box
115 Melt Through Coin: coin melts through the hand
116 Vanishing and Producing a Card: back-palm
122 Vanishing a Stack of Cards

126 Chapter 5 The Big Show: low-budget illusions
126 The Flower Girl Illusion: girl appears on top of a table in a flash
129 Hand Cremation: spectator's arm appears to vanish in a box
132 Novelty Photograph Illusion: a real girl appears in a cut-out that was shown all sides
134 A Startling Sack Escape: lightweight bag escape
136 A Spectacular Sack Illusion: another sack escape

139 Chapter 6 Magic of the Mind
141 Paper Thought: the center tear
144 Dead and Alive Matchboxes: with five members of the audience
146 So Simple Card Prediction: with borrowed deck and a pair of dice
147 Colour Jars: variation on "color vision"
149 Crayon and Tube Mystery: magician determnes color of crayon in a tube
151 Sealed Prediction: sealed envelope is inserted into deck & prediction matches the card above the envelopre

154 Conclusion

155 Index of Tricks