Ian Adair: Encyclopedia of Dove Magic V2
Adair, Ian: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic Volume Two
©1968 Supreme Magic Company, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 316 pages
Ian Adair: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic Volume Two
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Comments: Illustrated by the Author; Photos by A.C. Littlejohns and Ian Adair.

Contents (Chapters from Book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

About the Author
1 The Dove Scene
2 Further Selection of Productions
3 Further Selection of Vanishes
4 Changes, Transformations
5 Dove Pan, Dove Tricks
6 Comedy Dove Magi
7 Ricky's Sensational Dove Sequence, the Dove Magi of Chen Kai
8 The B&W Dove Act
9 Children's Dove Magic
10 Index to Volumes One and Two
11 Conclusion