Ian Adair: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic Volume Five
Adair, Ian: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic Volume Five
©1987 Supreme Magic Co., England
Hardcover, w/dj, 372 pages
Ian Adair: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic V5
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Comments: Illustrated by the Author plus Guest Illustrations. Photos by A.C. Littlejohns and Ian Adair and guest photographers.

Contents (Chapters from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Foreword
2 Introduction
3 Chapter One - The Modern Dove Scene
4 Chapter Two - Paramount Dove Productions
5 Chapter Three - Visual Dove Vanishes
6 Chapter Four - Dove Ideas Unlimited (Ian Adair)
7 Chapter Five - The Dove Magic of G.J. (George Manikas)
8 Chapter Six - J.G. on Dove Magic (Johnny Geddes)
9 Chapter Seven - Chinese Dove Rings (Jan Van Woesik)
10 Chapter Eight - Hemingway's Ways With Dove Magic (David Hemingway)
11 Chapter Nine - Bridwell's Treasury of Dove Magic (Jack Bridwell)
12 Chapter Ten - Children's Dove Magic (Jim Reilly)
13 Chapter Eleven - Gavilondo's Galaxy of Dove Magic (Luis Gavilondo)
14 Chapter Twelve - Harbin's Legacy - Plus! (Robert Harbin)
15 Chapter Thirteen - Picture Parade
16 Conclusion & Acknowledgements
17 Index