Adair, Ian: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic
1969 Supreme Magic Company, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 316 pages

1970 Second Impression
1975 Third Impression
1980 Fourth Impression
Ian Adair: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic
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Comments: Profusely illustrated Dove Magic. First of Five Volumes.

Contents (Chapters Only from Book ToC, numbers are not page numbers, updated Jun 2019):

1 Doves in Magic, Handling of the Doves
2 Dove Steals, Holders and Methods, Producing Doves from Silks
3 Dove Productions
4 Dove Vanishes
5 Dove Penetrations, Cremations
6 Dove Transposition
7 Dove Changes
8 Dove in Balloon Effects
9 Tricks With The Rubber Dove
10 Dyeing Doves, Tricks with Coloured Doves
11 Children's Dove Effects
12 Information About Dove Books and Literature: 29 pages