Ian Adair: Novel Notions
Adair, Ian: Novel Notions
©1981 Supreme Magic, Bideford, Devon, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 48 pages
Adair: Novel Notions
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Contents (from book, updated Apr 2020):

7 Introduction
8 About the Author (William G. Stickland)

9 Who Was That Lady I Sawed Last Night: version of Clippo
10 Mr. Tipsy Wand: white tip of magic wand creeps along the wand
12 Silken Princess: silks vanish as girl transforms into a princess
12 Cigo-Gravity: cigarette packet levitates from hand
13 Num-Thumb: pins penetrate performer's thumb without harm
16 Puzzlers With Paddles
16 - Holey Paddle: green solid paddle and red paddle with hole transpose
18 - Paddle-Split: performer and spectator each select the matching halves of a physically split deck
19 - Snap!: selected card on a paddle matches the one reversed
20 - Simplicity Sword Paddle: selected card with torn corner is caught on a paddle
22 Choosey Chance: only magician gets envelope with money
22 Cheeky Chance: only magician gets matchbox with the money
23 Zippy Zoo!: some spectator select same card, others select a different same card, but all shown as blank
24 Ultra Triple Prediction: magician uses a small board to predict three selections and the single card chosen from those three
26 Clean-Cut Anti-Gravity: glasses cling to a board upside-down, using a different method
27 Liqua-Cane: a cane pops out of a glass that had just poured liquid out of it.
29 Logic-Magic Paper Tear: torn and restored with sucker ploy
29 Slide-Apart Production Box: construction of a production box with a sliding lid
30 Black and White Dove Mystery: torn and restored black and white paper transforms to dove in a pan
32 Dippy Dice: a die covered with a tube goes through various changes
34 Curious Cake: A freely named card is found inside a cake
36 Hole-Sum Card Prediction: prediction card with hole is placed next to selection, using Rough & Smooth
38 Clear-Vue Dove Production Box: construction detailed
39 Zim-Zam: a production paper tube
41 Fab Frame: versatile card frame to change one card to another
43 The Last Straw:  a Just Chance routine using plastic straws
46 Happy Holidays: selected slip from a clear glass matches previously blank poster

47 Conclusion
48 Acknowledgements