Ian Adair: Oceans of Notions
Adair, Ian: Oceans of Notions
©Unknown The Supreme Magic Co., Devon, Bideford, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 88 pages
Ian Adair: Oceans of Notions
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Comments: Illustrated by Ken De Courcy & Ian Adair

Contents (from book ToC)

2 Dedication
2 Photo: Mr. Jeffery Atkins Sawing Through
3 Author's Foreword
4 Another Book?

8 Ribbon Chance: new version
9 Streamlined Vanishing Wand: no shells
10 Travelling Transistor: switched on radio vanishes and reappears
11 Oh So Easy Book Test
13 Inexpensive Newspaper Silks Plus: colored silks, cigarette, matches produced from newspaper
14 In the Crystal Ball: miniature of chosen card appears
15 Cabaret Dove Vanish
16 Magical Gardening: three bouquets produced from a book
17 Shooting Thru a Woman: illusion in miniature
18 Indian Rope Cane: magic of east and west combine
19 Gravity Outdone: silks, tumblers and a tray, and Gravity is defied
20 Ideas on the Cut and Restored Rope: measuring the rope makes the magic possible
21 Two Feet Gag: cut rope idea
21 Using a Giant Knife: another cut rope idea
21 In the Glass Appearance: chosen card appears
22 Record Selection: mental trick for children
23 Vanishing Plate of Eggs: in mid-air
24 Thumbs Up: you penetrate spectator's handkerchief, but all ends well
25 Flower Appearance: flowers removed from a bush reappear
25 Slately Mysterious: mental confidence effect
26 I'm Allright Jack: jumbo card vanishes from box with a large hole in it and reappears in the pack
28 Some Thoughts on Predictions: chapter on novel methods to garner publicity
28 Method No. 1 A Cheeky Envelope Switch: predict a headline
29 Method No. 2: based on clever Tom Seller's idea
30 Novel Vase and Cord Mysteries: several ideas
30 - Simplicity!: do-as-I-do
30 - An Improvement: Supreme's Vase of Aladdin described
30 - Twin Suspension: using two vases
30 - Chinese Skipping: physical stunt with two vases
31 - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: adding smoke to the routine
31 - Spirits: using Spirts of Salts
31 - Do As I Do Cones: using cones instead of a vase
31 - Change About: Ideas for the cones
32 Up and Down: twist on the Obedient Ball
33 Climax Dove Holder: double production and you are left clean
34 Dove From Newspaper: no body loads
35 Quick Slick Dove Change: simple idea
36 Pipe Dreams: novel effect with pipes
36 Pipe to Cigarette in Holder: statling change
36 The Vanishing Churchwarden: log clay pipe vanishes and reappears
37 Simplex Dove Penetration: deove penetrates a board into a hat
38 Crash Hat - Crash Dove: unusual dove vanish
38 Knot-a-Dove: dove appears from knot tied in a scarf
41 Adair's Faked - Unfaked Scarf: dove production from scarf
41 Gags With a Handkerchief Card: eight funny stunts
42 Salt Selection: a Just Chance with salt shakers
43 Yo-Yo Watch: funny gag
43 Acrobatic Arrows: arrows on a board change direction, then color
44 Invisible Pipe Pouch: invisible cigarette, except a full sized lit pipe is produced
45 Colour Cups: magician knows under which egg cup the money is hidden
46 Orange Trick: tins of orange juice, glasses and an Orange appear
47 Simplex Coins in Glass: four coins appear one at a time in a wineglass covered by a handkerchief; no fakes
48 Instant Origami (with Robert Harbin): instant paper folding
50 Epic Paddle: Epic Slate in miniature
51 Photo: of Robert Harbin and an Origami Bird
53 Prediction Sandwich: tested color prediction method
54 Just One More Chance: magician gets one of three envelopes with the prize
56 What a Pair!: No force, yet magician masters a spectator's card
56 Another Dead and Alive Test: using an easily obtainable item
57 The Magic Balloon Wand: good gag
58 Reverso Dart: dart reverses as it is passed through the fist
58 Climax Dart Prediction: no force, yet chosen envelope contains dart with the flight of the chosen color
59 Tube on Cord: a small examined tube is tucked into the hand and is threaded on a cord
60 Flip-fold Production Box: negligible cost
61 The Ribbon Box: old standard put to novel use
62 Cine-Matic-Card-Location: see a rabbit appear with the chosen card
63 We Like Ice-Cream: production of ice-cream, even a wafer
65 Making the Headlines: Bonus feature to add to previous prediction ideas
65 Adair's Cassette Prediction: recorded on tape
66 Photo: Young Ian
68 The Bournemouth Headlines (Peter Warlock): Peter's prediction effect
70 Photo: Peter Warlock at conclusion of his prediction effect
73 Ideas for the Vanishing Bottle: five ideas
74 Photograph: Ian's first
74 Photograph: young Ian
75 Puzzling Popsies: micro-magic mystery with built-in sex-appeal
76 Cigar Cutter: pocket illusion
77 Candle-ous!: full size lit candle diminishes to birthday cake sized candle
78 Nonsensical Notions: six stunts
79 Photograph: Ian at Supreme
79 Photograph: Ian and Encyclopia No 1.
80 Ring-a-Card: card prediction with two ring stands
81 Photograph: Ian with David Nixon and Edwin
81 Photograph: Ian with Jeffery Atkins
81 Photograph: Ian in the USA
82 Ball In the Middle: small ball appears in a sealed plastic sphere
82 One Glass, One Card One Box: feature mentalism item
84 Vibrator Levitator: version of Chair suspension
87 Tricky Table: easy to make cane to table
87 Get Rid Of Your Holders: dispose of your dove harness and create another effect at the same time
87 Photograph: Ian and Pam
88 Conclusion