Ian Adair: Television Puppet Magic
Adair, Ian: Television Puppet Magic
©1969 The Supreme Magic Co., Bideford, Devon, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 5.5x8.5", 136 pages
Ian Adair: TV Puppet Magic
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Comments: there is a lot of information, ideas, and routines packed into this small book. Highly recommended if you want to use a puppet in your magic act, and there's no need to be on TV!

Contents (from book):

2 Publisher's Forward (Edwin Hooper)
4 The Author Today: B&W photo and short bio
5 Introduction: about using puppets for magic
8 Photograph: Ian Adair
10 Some Novelty Puppets
11 Selecting Your Puppet (Adair)
12 More Novelty Puppets
14 Choosing A Name For Your Puppet (Adair)
14 Flopears!

15 Displaying The Puppets: providing a support for your puppet
15 Without Props!
17 From Out Of The Hat
18 Photograph: Robert Harbin
19 Another Hat Idea
20 Behind A Card Stand
20 From A Biscuit Tin
22 Photograph: Reg Webb
23 Spinky At The Bar!
24 Photograph: Eric C. Lewis
25 Waste Paper Bin
25 From A Paper Bag
26 Book Of Magic
26 A Val Andrews Variation
27 Top Hat Stand
28 Another Table Idea
29 The Puppet's Table
30 Photograph: John Styles
31 Box Of Tricks
31 The Fold-Flat Box
32 A Picnic Basket
32 Shopping!
33 From A Fez
33 Puppet's Suitcase
34 Another Case Idea
35 Spirit Seance Idea
36 Jack In The Box

37 What Kind Of Tricks Shall I Use? (Adair)
37 Self Working: tricks that don't require sleight of hand
40 Photograph: Roy Baker

41 "Business" (Adair): bits of business
41 Squeezing the Egg: comedy bit with an egg
42 Fun With the Snake Can
42 Fun With The Balloons
43 Big Mouth! (Harry Murdoch): ribbons from the mouth
44 Photograph: Tony Griffith
45 Dunce: cap for your puppet
45 The Magic Chef: the baking a cake effect
46 Sticky Lolly (Roy Van Dyke): clever fake lollypop
47 Fun With the Magic Wand (Adair): some gags, the Banner wand
48 Photograph: The DaSilvas
51 All Change (Adair): outfit changes
51 A Quick Clean-Up!: dirty to clean
52 On The Head!: slapstick humor
53 Give-Away Magic Wands (George Harvey): made from toothpicks
54 Photograph: Alan Taylor

55 A Twist! (Alan Taylor And Derek Clark): The Tinker & Taylor show on TWW Television
55 The Lie Detector (Derek Clark): using a whirling bow tie
56 Thirsty Work (Adair): puppet drinks milk
56 Have Another One: another version
57 More Ideas!: additional thoughts
58 Photograph: Gus Honeybun
58 MAGIC TV Series For Local Magician: featuring Gus Honeybun

61 Tricks And Routines With Puppets (Adair)
61 A Lota' Fun
62 Shrinking Ace
62 The Mindreader: a simple book test

64 Photograph: George Blake
65 Puppet Paragraphs (George Blake):
65 How to Practice
66 Dissention: acting for the puppet
67 Alive! Alive-O!: keeping the puppet alive
68 Practice! And a Tip!
69 Lessons - a Novel Routine: gags with a slate
70 - Spelling!: comedy
71 - Lunatic: comedy picture
72 - The End

73 Fun With Puppets (Tommy Cooper)
73 Photograph: Tommy Cooper
74 The Magic Eggs: a messy gag
74 With "It": comedy card revelation
75 Grandfather Clock: Using a clock prop to produce a grandfather puppet

76 Puppets In Your Programme (Ravelle And Andree): introducing your puppet into the act

78 Photograph: Roy Van Dyke
79 Silk Factory (Roy Van Dyke): routine with a Supreme Magic prop, fully described

82 Photograph: Ken De Courcy With The Author
83 Something To Crow About (Ken De Courcy): article on using a Crow puppet, though applies to other puppets as well
83 You Don't Have to Be a Vent
83 Sooty: one approach to using the puppet
84 He Mustn't Hang Around
84 Ventriloquially
84 The Voice
84 Dressing
85 Without Vent
85 Expressions
85 Magic: suggestions for tricks
86 Joining the Tricks
86 Card Tricks
87 Hoppity Bottle
87 20th Century Routine: full routine described
89 Other Themes
89 Summing It All Up

90 Photograph: Percy Press
91 Chin-A-Ling (Percy Press): chick pan routine

93 Peter's Birthday Present (Dennis Lucas): full routine with Fish That Got Away
94 Photograph: Dennis Lucas
95 - Happy Birthday to You!: Toy-Town painting trick
96 - The Vanishing Rabbit!

97 Jumbo Puppet Snake in Basket (Edwin): some ideas and a routine
98 Photograph: Edwin Hooper
99 - Suggested Routine

103 William's Monkey Business (Billy McComb): routine with rattling matchboxes
104 Photograph: Billy Mccomb

109 Hand In Glove (Val Andrews): the talking hand, with a card revelation
110 Photograph: Val Andrews

112 Photograph: Stanley Thomas
113 The Puppet Finds The Card (Stanley Thomas): card revelation effect

117 Photograph: Harry Corbett, Sooty & Sweep
118 Sooty Writes A Letter (Harry Corbett)
118 Sooty's First Trick!: idea for an opener
118 A Flower Production: using Supreme's Spring Flowers
119 Film Technique: anecdote of the challenge of retakes in filming
120 Props: thoughts on quality and making your puppet fit perfectly
121 Affection: on the attachment you gain toward your puppet
121 One Real Sooty!: anecdote about having duplicate Sooty puppets made

122 Photograph: John Mitchell
123 The Goofy Gardener (John Mitchell)
123 A Novel Theme: flower and plant oriented props
125 The Script!
126 The Wilting Flower
126 Fishy Business
126 Enter a Rabbit!
127 Flower Frite!
127 Water!
128 Editor's Note: additonal thoughts

129 Harvey Tries His Magic (Adair): routine using two identical puppets
129 Requirements
129 The Routine
130 Caught!
130 The Photo
131 The Force!: of a card
132 Glasses
133 Goodbye!
133 That's It!

134 Perky Penguin (Edwin Hooper)
134 Suggested Routine
135 Other Notions
136 A Good Gag