Adams, Peter: The Wizard's Magic Book
©1930 Published by Whitman Pub. Co., Wisconsin
Softcover, hardcover, 6x7.75", 158 pages
Wizard's Magic Book
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Contents (Note: incomplete, missing contents for part II)

7 Preface
11 A Word on the Magic Art
12 Tools of the Trade
20 The Trick Apparatus
20 The Paper Tearing Trick
22 The Card Telescope
23 The Four Aces
25 Aces and Tens
27 The Card Changing Box
30 The Card Photograph
32 The Rising Card Houlette
35 Slate Writing Trick
37 The Disappearing Glass of Water
41 The Color Changing Tube
43 Handkerchief Tubes
46 The Magic Candlestick
50 Drum Head Tube
52 The Die Box
58 The Magic Bird Cage
64 The Goldfish Trick
66 Flower Illusion
67 The Watch Frame
74 The Nest of Boxes
83 The Inexhaustible Box
87 The Handkerchief in a Flower Pot
92 Black Art Illusion
94 The Great Razor Trick
95 The Rabbit in a Hat
98 Programme with "Patter"
108 Sample Programme

113 Part II Contents
114 Missing!