Adams Press: Magic and Home Entertainment
Adams Press: Magic and Home Entertainment
©1924 Adams Press, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x8", 23 pages
Adams Press: Magic and Home Entertainment
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Comments: Not illustrated. A booklet of tricks, gags, puzzles, games, and jokes


1 Magic: introduction
1 Can't Brush a Dime From Your Hand
1 The Cord That Binds: couple bound at the wrists must escape
1 Mesmerized Walking Stick: cane stands by itself between the knees
2 To Suspend a Cup From the Ceiling and Cut the Thread: challenge
2 The Obedient Card: blowing a card over
2 The Floating Hat: floats under your hand
2 To Make a Coin Disappear and Re-Appear
3 To Name Number of Spots on Dominoes
3 The Obedient Ball: lowers on a string by command
3 Quarters Given as Prizes: gag
4 Very Mysterious Disappearance of a Glass of Water: gag
4 To Read a Concealed Answer: arithmetic and the center tear
5 The Quarter and Ball of Worsted: coin vanishes and is found in ball of yarn
5 To Move a Coin Without Touching It: challenge
6 To Make a Dime Vanish From the Hand
6 Addition By Magic: number magic
7 Make a Coin Pass From One Hand to The Other
7 To Catch a Chosen Card on a Plate: selection lands on a plate as deck is tossed
7 Mind Reading: magician finds selected coin in a hat
8 Coin and Card on the Finger: stunt
8 Drink Water From an Inverted Glass: challenge stunt
8 Put a Ring Through a Stick: curtain ring removed from cane

9 Card Tricks
9 Directed By The Spirits: with the aid of wax
9 To Pick a Card From Three Piles: the 21 card trick
10 The Kings Army: puzzle
10 Cards Revealed By a Looking Glass: with aid of a confederate
10 Disclosing the Number of Spots on Two Cards Not Seen
11 To Find a Designated Card From the Pack
11 Cards Thought Of But Not Announced Disappear
12 Pick Out a Card While Blindfolded
12 To Name Any or All Cards in a Pack Without Looking At Them
12 Guess Three Cards Drawn From a Pack
13 Find a Chosen Card From a Full Pack: locator card
13 Find a Chosen Card From Several Heaps: another locator
13 In Four or More Cards Tell Which Have Been Changed: requires one-way faces
14 Find a Card Touched During Your Absence: using confederate

15 Games
15 Cats and Dogs: a searching game
15 The Lively Feather: a feather blowing contest
16 Cake Walk: dress up contest with a gag prize
17 IT: discover who is IT by questions
17 Word Acting: charades
18 Clothes Pin Race: team work game
19 Up Jenkins: figure out who has the quarter
19 Buttonholes Made to Order: a lesson in direction
20 Family Resemblance: guessing a baby picture
20 Fish, Flesh or Fowl: a game of quick wits

21 Humor
21 Jokes: a baker's dozen
22 Peculiar Combinations of Figures
23 Poem: Wanted - a Rib