Adams, S.S.: Magical Mysteries
©1915 (circa) S.S. Adams, NJ
Sofcover, 20 pages
Magical Mysteries
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Comment: Descriptions are short and sometimes frustratingly non-descriptive. Some of the effects are down-right dangerous, such as placing naptha in your mouth (naptha is known to be carcinogenic).


2 Escape Act
2 Billet Reading from a Hat
2 Envelope Reading
2 Magical Finding of Chosen Cards
3 Straight Jacket Escape
3 Yank Hoe's Number Trick
3 Card Reading Extraordinary
3 Twister Card Trick
4 The Svengali Wonder Card Trick
4 The Art of Ventriloquism
4 Biting Nails in Two
4 The Balanced Card
5 The Rising Cards From Pocket
5 Winning at Cards Exposed
5 Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
6 Sensational Box, Basket and Trunk Escape
6 Entertaining at a Party
6 The Enchanted Rooster
6 Yank Hoe's Dice Divination
7 Solid Through Solid
7 The Ball and Coin Mystery
7 Silent Second-Sight Act
7 The Magic Beans of Wang Fu
8 The Gamblers Dream
8 Hindoo Ink to Water Trick
8 Playing With Fire
8 Animal Magnetism
9 The Mesmerized Walking Stick
9 Challenge Paper Bag Escape
9 Mysterious Talking Violin
9 Instructions for Spirit Mediumship
10 The Whistling Spirits
10 The Educated Die Mystery
10 Mysterious Ring on Cane
10 The Living Gas Jet
10 Magical Floating Glass
11 Science of Crystal Gazing
11 Famous Strangle Rope Tie
11 Vault and Safe Escape
11 Winning With Dice
12 An Experiment in Hypnotism
12 The Vanishing Man Illusion
12 The Mystery Glass
12 The Dead or Alive Mystery
13 Mysterious Bank Note Test
13 Magnetic Lighting of Candles
13 The Watch Dial of Mephisto
13 Magic Divination of Numbers
14 Mysterious Vanishing Card
14 Starting Arithmetical Problem
14 Magnetic Basin of Water
14 Prison Cell Escape
14 Satan's Dinner
14 The Demon Bell
15 Sensational Mail Bag Escape
15 Oriental Mystery Sand Trick
15 Mystic Eruption of Fire
15 Spirit Message in Letters of Blood
15 Forcing a Card
16 The Necromantic Numbers
16 Mysterious Vanishing Cigarette
16 The Magnetic Joker
16 Eating a Meal of Fire
16 Magical Release from Bondage
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