Ainslie, Arthur: Water Wizardry
Magical Experiments With Liquids
©1922, C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 130 pages
Water Wizardry
Image courtesy O'Dowd Magic Books
Arthur Ainslie: Water Wizardry

Comments: A Collection of Tricks in Which Water is the Chief Agent

Contents (only the Chapter page numbers are accurate):

11 Chapter I Little Tricks
11 The Impossible
13 An Old One
15 A Quaint Mixture
17 The Shower Bath
19 A Steady Hand
21 In The Soup
23 On The Edge

26 Chapter II Little Tricks — Continued
26 Drinking Water From The Glass
26 Topsy Turvy
26 A Sporting Offer
27 A Feat Of Dexterity
27 More Than Full
28 The Obedient Corks
28 A Peculiar Egg
29 The Suspended Mug
30 The Sticky Glass
33 Feat of Dexterity
35 The Floating Pin
36 Washing A Card

43 Chapter III The Hydrostatic Tube (David Devant's Trick)

50 Chapter IV The Passe-Passe Trick

60 Chapter V The Rice Bowls

75 Chapter VI The Indian Sands

83 Chapter VII The Dissolved Card

96 Chapter VIII Miscellaneous Water Tricks
99 The Wine And Water Trick (David Devant's Method)
102 The Vanishing Glass Of Water
105 The Vanishing Water
108 The Aquarius Tube
112 Links
114 The Milk Cans
115 Water From Waste Paper
117 Cotton Wool To Water
121 Silk From Water