Alan, Don: Close-Up Time
1951 Magic Inc, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages
Don Alan:
              Close-Up Time
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Comment: (Jim Maloney) Forward by Bert Allerton, and Backwords by Carl Ballentine


3 Don Alan: B&W photo by Ed Stech
4 Foreword (Bert Allerton)
5 It's Flashy!: Produce sponge balls, coins, etc. in a flash of light. Pretty nifty.
6 Corner Riffle Force by Timing:  Pretty much self-explanatory. Uses a corner short card.
7 A Subtle One Way Force Deck:  A one way force deck that can also be shown to have different cards (somewhat).
7 The Inflation Pencil:  Idea for a misdirectional item
9 Card in the Egg:  A miniature version of a chosen card (5S, or whatever) appears in a plastic egg (like the one used to hold Silly Putty), and the deck is shown to be made up of all seven of diamonds (or whatever)!
10 You Have Wax In Your Matchbox:  A gimmick for storing magician's wax.
11 Bread Sandwich:  A chosen card appears between two slices of bread that are wrapped in wax paper. Alternatively, the deck is placed between two slices of bread, and as the performer takes a bite, the deck shoots out, leaving only the two chosen cards behind.
12 Keep Your "I" On Your Hat:  A slate routine in which the volunteer and the performer write there hat sizes on the slates. They then sign the other side of their respective slates. When the slates are turned over again, the hat sizes have switched places!
14 Bill in the Orange:  One of Don Alan's handlings of the Bill in Fruit. (Another can be found in Pretty Sneaky)
16 Stuck Up Card:  One of Don's handlings of the Card on Wall or Ceiling (Again, another version can be found in Pretty Sneaky)
18 About the Author:  Brief bio of Don Alan
19 Kcab Sdrow (Carl Ballentine)
13 Back Words (Carl Ballentine): this time, without the need for reading in a mirror