Alan, Don: Pretty Sneaky
1956 Ireland Publications, Chicago
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
Don Alan: Pretty
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Comments (magicref): I like this book. I think much has to do with Don Alan's approach which is light hearted and humorous. Much of the magic seems practical, and a few effects really stood out for me. Recommended. Favorites include Sneaky Card to Pocket, Wot Hoppened?, and Las Vegas Fairy Tales. Includes several line drawings.


4 B&W Photo of Don Alan
5 The Four Jacks And The Bouncing Ball: Four jacks are spread thru the deck. Announce that they have moved to your pocket, and
remove four "toy" jax. Suddenly, the card Jacks ARE in your pocket.
6 Sneaky Card to Pocket: Good double card find with Insurance Policy and Card to Wallet Effects combined. (favorite effect)
7 I'll Find it With My Slide Rule: Funny revelation in this paddle type trick.
8 The Impromptu Card on the Wall
9 Wot Hoppened? Two cards are shown, one is placed in pocket, they switch!
11 The Tree of...: A three is selected and rolled into a tube, suddenly a paper tree is pulled out of the middle!
12 It Can't Be...Phase I: Four Aces are on top of the deck. The Ace of spades is put in the pocket, and the spectator thinks of one of the other aces. The other three aces are dealt and the spectator names his or her ace. Magician removes the thought of Ace from his pocket, and then the OTHER three aces. The cards dealt are other cards.Phase II: Twelve cards are dealt face up in left hand, and the four Aces are added on top. The Aces are dealt face up, with three cards face down on each. The Ace of Spades and its three cards are removed and the Spectator sits on them. The other three Aces then disappear, and the cards the spectator was sitting on turns out to be them. Phase III: The Aces are placed in the Magicians's pocket, the others in the spectator's pocket. The Ace of Spades is switched for one card in the spectator's pocket. Suddenly, all the Aces are in the spectator's pocket, the others are in the Magician's pocket.
19 A Pretty Sneaky Nudist...Routine: the Nudist Deck, that is
22 Christine the Sneaky Duck: routine using the wooden Card Duck and Alphabet cards
27 Flaming Han Ping Chien: Four one half dollars are displayed, two in each hand, along with a match. The right hand taps under the table. The left hand slaps the coins to the table and picks them up. The right hand slaps its coins to the table and picks them up. The right hand goes under the table, strikes the match, and the coins pass from left to right, right brought up with match burning.
28 Las Vegas Fairy Tales: A cap and pence routine with a die
32 Sneaky Half dollar in Bottle: coin in bottle/Anti-gravico combination
35 Cut Down to 1/2 a Pack: A gag for cutting down on smoking
36 Cut Out This Tonite: a gag; magician states he "just cut out this tonight" and pulls our some paper dolls
37 Ball Point Pen: another comedy bit
37 Bits With Exploding Pellets: even more comedy bits
38 Bent Pins: A finish for linking safety pins
39 Reading Palms: a comedy bit
39 Flash String Ideas: three ideas reprinted from The New Phoenix
40 Saddle Bags for Close Up Workers: an idea
41 LifeSavers and your Quarter Stack: an idea for the Stack of Quarters
41 Russ Walsh Production Table Bit: reprinted from The New Phoenix
42 It's a Small World: idea for using a "globe" pencil sharpener (reprinted from The New Phoenix)
42 Bowl or Cup Load: a silk production ending for bowl or cups & balls routine using a paper napkin (originally designed for Don's Bowl routine)
43 Ashes...: Ashes transfer through spectator's hand
44 Bill, Lemon, and Wrapper: a bill in lemon routine featuring a floating burning wrapper 
46 A Darker Shade of Malini: a dime and penny are to be vanished from beneath a Fez, but a large piece of coal appears instead