Albenice: Reel Magic
1941 Nat Louis, USA
Hardcover, no dj, 55 pages

1950 Louis Tannen
Softcover, Saddle-Stitched, 83 pages
Albenice: Reel Magic
1941 Edition Hardcover
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Reel Magic
Louis Tannen 2nd edition
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Comments: Edited by Ralph W. Read. Illustrated with 44 illustrations. Also published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc. The subsequent editions include an Addenda that Albenice developed after the publication of the original 1941 edition. There is a related book Reelistic Magic published by Harry Stanley (see entries under Chavel and Lewis Ganson).

Contents  (from 2nd edition book):

i Frontispiece
ii Foreword (Albenice)
iii From the Publisher (Nat Louis)

13 Chapter 1 Knot Effects with Handkerchiefs
13 The Serpent Silk (Albenice)
15 Visible Self-Tying Silk (Albenice)
16 The Naughty Knot (Albenice)
18 A Suggested Routine with the Vanishing Cane and Handkerchief (Albenice)
18 Visible "40th Century" Silks (Albenice)

21 Chapter II Penetration Effects with Handkerchiefs
23 Penetro (Albenice)
25 Spalding's Penetrable Silk

27 Chapter III Color Changes with Silks
29 A Smart Color Change (Nat Louis)
30 The Quack Rabbit (Nat Louis)

31 Chapter IV
33 Card on Ribbon (Albenice)
35 Rising Cards Through the Air (Albenice)
36 The Card Fountain (Buatier De Kolta)

37 Chapter V Miscellaneous Tricks
39 Button, Button, Who's Got the Button (Nat Louis)
40 The Magnetized Wand
41 Ring Up, Ring Down
42 Sight and Touch Vanish (James F. Herpick)
43 Flying Dollar Bill
44 The Elusive Bill (James F. Herpick)

45 Chapter VI The Thorton Windlass
47 Flying Dollar Bill Across a Room
47 Balancing a Chair on Two Legs
48 Rising Cards
48 Buatier De Kolta's Card Fountain
48 The Floating Cigar
50 The Dancing Handkerchief

51 Chapter VII The Lightning Pull
53 Lamp Chimney and Silk
54 The Vanishing Bird Cage
55 The Flying Ring

57 Addenda
58 Improved, Visible "40th Century" Silks
66 The Penetrable Silk
70 The Effects (Basic Principles)
75 The Effects (Advanced Principles)
82 Routined Act
82 Notes