Albertus: Entertaining, Conjuring, Hypnotism, Muscle and Mind Reading...
©1900 (circa) Albertus, Gardner Vernon Publishing Co.
Softcover, stapled, 118 pages
              Entertaining Conjuring Hypnotism Muscle and Mind Reading
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Comments: From the preface: "This little book is written for the purpose of instructing the beginner in the art of entertaining an audience. It is divided into four parts, each containing its own introduction, or foreword, and dealing separately with the different subjects in the following order: Conjuring, Hypnotism, Muscle Reading, and Mind Reading."


7 Conjuring Section
7 Introduction
9 Preparation and Appliances
23 Palming and Passing
28 Complete Tricks
28 Two Coins Made to Change Places When Held One in Each Hand by a Member of the Audience
30 The Miser's Dream
35 How to Pass a Coin Through a Table
36 The Billiard Ball Trick
39 The Egg Bag Trick
43 The Handkerchief, Watch and Glass Trick
46 A Few Sleights With a Flag
49 Handkerchief Dying by Magic
53 Cigarette Making By Magic
55 The Mysterious Disappearance and Reappearance of a Glass of Water
58 The Chosen Cards and the Card in the Candle
63 The Chinese Rings Trick (improved method)
66 Production from a Hat
73 Names and Addresses of Magical Dealers

74 Hypnotism Section
74 Introduction
76 The Different Degrees of Hypnotic Influence
78 Preliminary Tests
83 How to Hypnotise
90 How to Awaken Subjects from the Hypnotic Trance
92 Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
92 How to Give a Hypnotic Entertainment
105 Useful Advice and Hints

107 Muscle Reading Section
107 Introduction
108 Actual Practice

111 Mind Reading Section
111 Foreword
112 Actual Practice