Alborough, John: Mainly Manipulative Magic
1978 Supreme Magic Co. Ltd., Bideford, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 92 pages
Alboroogh: Mainly Manipulative Magic
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Comments: Edited and photographed by Lewis Ganson


7 Introduction by Lewis Ganson
9 Foreword

11 Section One Billiard Balls
12 Flip Under Vanish and Production
16 The Up and Down Roll
19 The Back Catch
22 My Favourite Billiard Ball Routine
35 Transposition of a Billiard Ball to Four Thimbles

39 Section Two Thimbles
40 An Opening Thimble Routine
44 Production of Four Thimbles
48 Thimble Through Silk
51 Slow Motion Vanish of Four Thimbles

57 Section Three Candles
60 Lighted Candles From Silk
63 Candle Through Silk
66 Candle Go

69 Section Four Reels
74 Untying Knot
79 The First Colour Change
82 The First Penetration
85 The Second Colour Change
86 The Second Penetration
89 Miracle Penetration

92 Conclusion