Albright, Howard P.: Albright's Advanced Card Magic
©1948 Howard Albright; Gen Publications
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 24 pages

Also published by:
Unique Magic Studio, NY
Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
©1980 Supreme Magic, England
Albright's Advanced
              Card Magic
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Howard Albright: Advanced Card Magic
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Comments: Illustrated with line drawings. Printed on 8.5x11" paper and folded in half.


3 The Goofy Card: an eye-popper card trick
5 The Persistent Card: Queen of Hearts is a persistent card
7 - The Slip Force
7 - The Slip Back (or Second Dealing)
8 The Mind of Mephistopheles: several card selections are found at named locations
9 Intuition or What?: magician instantly names any card at any number; deck may be borrowed
10 Peculiarities of the Pasteboards: triple climax card effect
13 - The Slip Cut
14 - Double Lift
14 Mental Power: cards answer to their names
18 Surprise Speller: can be done with a borrowed deck
19 The Educated Cards: Several chosen cards spell out automatically
20 Albright's Instantaneous Method: For determining the number of letters required to spell any card
21 Triple Stop Disclosure: Two other cards predict the card selection
22 Lucky Number: Three spectator's lucky cards find their selections