Albright, Howard: Albright's Forbidden Wisdom
©1948 Abbott's Magic, Colon, MI
Softcover, stapled folded manuscript, 8.5x11", 23 pages

Also published by:
GEN Publications, London
Supreme Magic, London (8x10" format)
Albright's Forbidden
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Albright's Forbidden
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Comments: This book presents a mix of magic tricks and approaches to supposedly read fortunes. I do not personally endorse any attempt at real "fortune telling", even as entertainment, as it is an attempt to usurp God as the one True Sovereign, but I present this listing here for historical purposes. It is also available as part of Abbott Magic's "Strange Secrets Volume 1" collection.


3 Three Methods of Fortune Telling By Cards
3 - The Triple Turnover: 3 cards turn over as you place the packets down
3 - Out of the Hat: cards jump out of a hat
4 - The Mental Wonder: using the cross-cut force
5 Simplified Interpretation of the Cards: ideas for "fortune telling"
6 How to Memorize
6 The Mystic Circle: clock reading
6 How to Give an Interesting Reading: using the above
7 Pseudo-Palmistry: a magician's approach
9 - A Sample Reading
9 Pseudo-Graphology: Handwriting Analysis for Drawing-Room Entertainment
10 - Presentation
11 Pseudo-Astrology: three methods
11 - Presentation No. 1 For Impromptu Occasions: after a "reading" a mystic symbol -appears
12 - Studio Presentation for Home or Office: finding out their birthdate
13 - Drawing Room Presentation For Social Entertainment: another, more elaborate approach
13 The World of Dreams: a message reading act
14 Fortune Telling by Coins: some math during the reading lets you divine the amount of money used by the spectator
15 Fortune Telling With Dice: similar to the above, but with dice
17 Pseudo-Numerology: impromptu mathematical trick in the guise of a reading
19 Scribble-ology An Original Pseudo Psychic: lots of showmanship
20 The Psychic System: using the system for any type of presentation
22 Addenda
22 - The Drop-Turnover Sleight for Cards
22 - Cards Fly Out of the Hat
23 X-Ing The Cut