Albright, Howard: Kard Kapers No. 1
©1934 Unique Magic Studio, Albany, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 4.25x11", 15 pages
Kard Kapers No. 1
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Comments: Illustrated by drawings. "Five Favorite Effects...Complete with Patter and Presentation." Using a borrowed deck.

Contents (From book cover, some page numbers estimated):

1 Introduction (U.F. Grant)
2 100% Sure-Fire Stop Trick: At last, a practical and baffling method for presenting the Stop Trick with a borrowed, shuffled pack. It fools the "wise ones" and you can do it.
6 Duplex Comedy Speller: With the other fellow's pack, you demonstrate how to "spell a card". With his chosen card, your victim fails, or succeeds, as you wish. No set-ups or pre-arrangements. You do it anytime, anywhere - plenty of comedy, and a clean-cut mystery.
8 Unique Thought-Card Discovery: In which any card "thought of" is disclosed in a startling and mysterious manner! This will be your favorite impromptu trick, with anybody's deck. Easy and sure-fire.
11 Psychometry: A Miracle Card Trick along the mental line, under "impossible" conditions. With a psychological line of patter and a knock-out climax. A great impromptu publicity stunt.
13 Tuned Minds: A Strange Coincidence that will leave them "wondering" for a long time. A baffling Mental Mystery.