Albright, Howard P: Party Trix Ala Carte
©1936 Unique Magic Studio, Albany, NY
Softcover, stapled-manuscript, 8.5x11", 16 pages

Also published by:
Supreme Magic, England
Party Trix Ala
Image courtesy O'Dowd Magic Books
Howard Albright: Party Tricks Ala Carte

Comments: Number 2 in the Inner Circle Series, with Eddie Clever. Available as part of the Abbott's Magic compilation Bag O' Trix (edited by Gordon Miller).


1 Crazy Cut-Ups
2 Cocktail Hour
3 Cut & Restored Lemon
4 Impromptu Ribbon Mystery
54 Phantom Cartoonist
6 Sherlock Holmes
7 The Radio Test
8 A Musical Test
9 Fireproof Hand
10 Bill And Nail
11 Balancing Glass
12 Great Money Grab
13 Impromptu Pencil Trick
14 Spooky Egg
15 Spinning Egg