Alburger, James: Get Your Act Together
Producing an Effective Magic Act to Music
©1978 Chuck Martinez Productions
Softcover, comb-bound, 149 pages
Get Your Act Together
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James Alburger: Get Your Act Together

Comments: illustrated with line drawings


i Introduction
ii About the Author

1 Magic — An Art Form, or Merely Sophisticated Chicanery?
The World’s Second Oldest Profession
How it All Started
The Two Magics
The Early Wizards
The Modern Wizards

6 Music — Another Art Form!
Another Old Art
A Very, Very Brief History

9 Compatibility of Art Forms
Proper Execution
It’s Only Logical

11 The Use of Music in Theater, Film Television and Other Arts
The Early Days
The Years Pass on
After the Ultimate
The Next Step

17 The Use of Music with Magic
One Thing in Common
Instrumentals or Vocals?
Pre-recorded vs. Live Music
For the Magician

19 The Makeup of Music (A Basic Course in Music Theory)
The Six Elements of Music
Those Notes
Combining the Elements of Music

25 Music and Your Imagination
All About Imagination (or at Least Part of it)
The Key Ingredient
Consider This
Visual Aspects of Music
“Peter and the Wolf”
Musical Moods
“The Planets”
Musical Imagery
Magicians Can Too

35 Producing Your Own Magic Act to Music
An Exciting Challenge
Three Schools of Thought
Magic “Tricks”

42 The 13 Steps for Producing an Effective Act
Step 1 — Inventory
Step 2 — Determine the Performer’s Off-stage (Real) Personality
Step 3 — Determine the Type of Act
Step 4 — Determine the Performer’s On-stage (Character Role) Personality
Step 5 — Determine Audience Appeals
Step 6 — Select the music
Step 7 — Develop the Act
Step 8 — Modify Routines
Step 9 — Innovate
Step 10 — Record the Music
Step 11 — Log the Act
Step 12 — Practice, Practice, Practice
Step 13 — Study Analysis of an Act

100 Adjusting the Music: A Basic Course in Music Editing — OR, What to Do When the Music Doesn’t Fit, and How to Do it
Audio Tape Formats
Recording the Music
The Tools for Editing
Music Editing Techniques
After the Edits

122 A Few Things You Should Know
A Possible Problem
United States Copyright Law
It's not as Bad as it Sounds
A.S.C.A.P. & B.M.I.
Some Final Solutions
In Conclusion

129 Putting it All Together
For Future Reference
It’s Worth Doing Right
Some Final Notes

133 Appendix I
The 13 Steps for Producing an Effective Magic Act to Music
Jay Marshall’s List of Magician’s Necessities
The Fitzkee Performance Check Charts

143 Appendix II Construction of the dancing cane gimmick

149 Acknowledgements
149 Bibliography and Recommended Reading