Aldine: The Magic of Numbers
©1895 Aldine Publishing Co., England
Hardcover, 35 pages
The Magic of
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Aldine: The Magic of Numbers

Comments: A collection of puzzles and tricks using mathematics. Part of the Aldine In-door Fun & Entertainment Libraries, and The Boys Own Magic & Trick Books. Others in the series include: Capital Tricks and Deceptions with Cards, Magic Toys and How to Make Them, Tricks in Mechanics, Sleight of Hand, Magical Tricks with Chemicals, Curious and Amusing Puzzles, and Amusements in Electricity, Magnetism, and Galvanism (according to advertisement at the end of the book)


1 Introduction
1 Aphorisms of Number: math principles
2 Arithmetic: by sense of touch
2 The Abacus
3 Progression: a math puzzle
3 The Famous Forty-Five: puzzle
3 Subtraction: puzzle
3 The Expunged Figure: determine which figure was struck out
4 The Mysterious Addition
4 To Tell At What Hour a Person Intends to Rise
4 To Find the Difference Between Two Numbers The Greater of Which is Unknown
4 The Remainder
5 A Person Having An Equal Number of Counters or Pieces of Money in Each Hand, to Find Out How Many He Has Altogether
5 The Three Jealous Husbands
5 The False Scales
5 The Apple Woman
5 The Graces and Muses
6 The Jesuitical Teacher
6 Arithmetical Puzzle
6 The Money Game
6 The Philosopher's Pupils
6 To Discover a Square Number
7 The Sheepfold
7 Countrywoman and Eggs
7 How to Rub Out Twenty Chalks at Five Times, Rubbing Out Every Time an Odd One
7 Odd or Even
7 The Old Woman and Her Eggs
8 The Figures up to 100 Arranged So As to Make 505 in Each Column, When Counted in Ten Columns Perpendicularly and the Same When Counted in Ten Files Horizontally
8 The Dice Guessed Unseen
8 The Sovereign and the Sage
8 December and May
9 The Mathematical Fortune Teller
10 The Knowing Shepherd
10 The Certain Game
10 The Magical Century
10 The Unlucky Hatter
11 The Basket of Nuts
11 The United Digits
11 Quaint Questions
11 The Council of Ten
12 The Two Travelers
12 The Fox, Goose, and Corn
13 The Visitors to the Crystal Palace
13 How Many Changes Can be Given to 7 Notes on a Piano?
13 The Arithmetical Triangle
13 How Many Different Deals Can be Made with 13 Cards Out of 52
13 The Three Graces
14 - Another Method
14 - Another Method
15 The United Digits
15 To Tell What Figure a Person Has Struck Out of a Sum of Two Given Numbers
15 Dividing the Beer
15 The Difficult Case of Wine
16 The Wine and the Tables
16 The Three Travellers
16 Which Counter Has Been Thought of Out of Sixteen
17 Curious Properties of Some Numbers
19 The Industrious Frog
19 The Mathematical Blacksmith
19 The Doctor and His Pupils
20 The Seven Apple Woman
20 The Farmer's Sons
20 The Shepherds
21 The Ten 10's
22 Both Ways Right
22 Napier's Rods
23 Magic Squares
23 To Discover Two or More Numbers That a Person Has Thought Of
24 How Many Counters Have I In My Hand
24 The Mysterious Halvings
25 - Another Method
26 Odd Magic Squares
26 The Arithmetical Boomerang
27 To Find a Number Thought Of
27 - First Method
27 - Second Method
27 - Third Method
28 - Fourth Method
28 - Fifth Method
28 - Sixth Method
28 Who Wears the Ring
28 The Astonished Farmer
29 How To Tell A Person's Age
29 The Market Woman's Puzzle
29 The Drover's Problem
29 More Queer Questions
30 The Unfair Division
30 To Find Six Times Thirteen In Twelve
30 Peculiar Properties of the Numbers 37 and 73
30 The Basket of Eggs
31 A Tell-Tale Table
31 To Divide a Number in Two and Have No Remainder
31 The Landlord Tricked
31 To Let a Person Select Several Numbers Out of a Bag and to Tell Him the Number Which Shall Exactly Divide the Sum of Those He Has Chosen
31 A Quibble
32 The Partial Reprieve
32 The Cabbage Women
32 By Adding 5 to 6 to Make 9
32 To Add a Figure to Any Given Number Which Shall Reder it Divisible by Nine
32 The Dinner Party
32 An Expensive Navy
33 Catalog of Boys First Rate Pocket Library books