Aldini: Novel Concepts With Cards
©1970 Micky Hades, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 46 pages
Novel Concepts With
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Aldini: Novel Concepts With Cards

Comments: Illustrated by Micky Hades. Clever card tricks, many using gimmicked cards or set-ups.

Contents (from book, updated Nov 2017):

3 Introduction (Aldini, 1959)
4 Aldini's Aces: Four Ace packet effect with gimmicked card
6 Bob Wagner's Additional Routine: another version
7 Aldini's Cardnick: named Ace turns face up in a packet
9 Dimi-Rama: a deck of cards is ribbon-spread on a table and diminishes in size
10 Alphabet Cimota: clever trick with an Alphabet deck and a double-backed deck
11 Simplex Monte: a gimmicked card Monte
12 Back To Back: two mental card selections are found back to back as dealt
13 Mr. Anthony's Card Trick - 1st Version: using short cards and a double-backer
14 Mr. Anthony's Card Trick - 2nd Version: using two double backers
15 Incardnito: red and blue backed decks transpose
17 Aldini's Stattic: a selected card is determined and found to be in the same position as a face up card
18 Hollywoodeck: Blue deck changes to red, to blank backs, to blank faces, and back to blue
19 They Are The Same #1: magician's selection from Blue deck matches spectator's random selection
21 They Are The Same #2: another version
21 Cardarama: two of three cards are removed from pocket, the remaining card matches the selection
23 Slate-O-Rama: a prediction matches the color selected on a special slate
25 Five Reds And Five Blacks: Red or Black selection moves from its packet to the other
26 Two Face Spread: two face up cards end up face down, and their addition matches the spaces between them
27 Mix Master: magician finds two selection with a cleverly stacked deck
27 Fantasticard: face down card helps magician find selection
28 Hocus Pocus Cards (Dean Moore): Blue back cards become blank backed, blank faced, red backed, and then normal
29 Patter for the Hocus Pocus Cards
30 Triple Sympathy: magician finds three selections without knowing what they are

32 Bonus Selection: all using the Aldini Force
33 Aldini Force: using a double faced card
34 Card Location (Bob Wagner): selection is located by thrusting the Ace of Spades into the deck
35 A Card Finds It's Mate (Bob Wagner): Spectator inserts red backed selection into Blue deck and finds the mate
36 Four Predictions (Bob Wagner): four card predictions come true
38 Reciprocal Speller (Bob Wagner): a card is predicted, and then spelled to the spectator's selection
39 Aldini's Duo Monte Cards: selected card vanishes from one packet to be found in another
41 Card Gone: selection vanishes from deck and is found in performer's pocket
42 Climax U Do As I Do (Bob Wagner): a face up and face down deck coincidence
43 The Count: Five cards change to four, and the selection is found in the pocket
44 Colorex (Leo Behnke): magician predicts color of the card cut to behind the spectator's back
45 Forcee-Forcee (Leo Behnke): spectator cuts to his own selected card
45 Aldini's Premonette: spectator selects only blue backed card in a red deck

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