Alexander, C.: The Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. "Q"
©1921 Alexander Publishing Co., CA
Hardcover, no dj

©1946 Reprint, Robert A. Nelson, Nelson Enterprises, OH
Hardcover, with dj, 166 pages
Life and Mysteries
              of the Celebrated Dr. Q
1921 Edition
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Alexander C.: Life and Mysteries of Dr. Q
1946 Nelson Edition
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  C. Alexander: The Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. "Q"



5 Publisher's Notes (Nelson Enterprises)
8 Preface (C. Alexander)
9 Introduction

12 Crystal Gazing
17 The Turban Method
21 The Induction Method
23 The Whispering Buddah
25 Metal Ball Method
27 The Pedestal Method, or Speaker's Prompter
33 Hand Box Method
34 Roller Hand Fake System
34 Faro Box Method
35 The Blackboard System

36 Stage Astral Trance Clairvoyancy
42 Stage Clairvoyancy
43 Clairvoyancy of Figures
44 Telepathy Extraordinary
45 The Master Mind Act
47 The Zancig Second Sight Act
48 - Questions With Their Numbers Memorized
54 The Anna Eva Faye Act
55 - Instruction for Preparing the Waxed Impression Paper
56 Humorous Questions and Answers: to be used as p honies
59 Dr. "Q's" Mysteriouis Want Ad Test
62 Clairvoyancy and Slate Writing Extraordinary
72 Sealed Message and Sealed Slate Tests
73 Automatic Writing
79 Three-Slate Office Stunt
80 The Office Switch: for office readings
83 Dr. "Q" Test Seacne
84 Materializtion
87 Clairvoyancy and Clairaudience
88 The Master Secret of Madame La Rose, The Gifted(?) Spirit Medium
90 Mysterious Table Raps with Unprepared Table
94 The Mysterious Dark Trumpet Seance of Dr. "Q"
97 - Specifications
99 - Trumpet Seance
102 Mental Projection Extraordinary
103 - First Method
103 - Second Method
104 Sealed Letter Reading
107 Telepathy and Proof by Telephone
109 Si Stebbins' Deck and Arrangement
109 - Cutting Any Card in the Pack
109 - Rapid Counting or Foretelling Number of Cards Held in Each Hand
110 How to Locate or Find Any Card Named
110 How to Tell Cards in Center of Pack or Twenty-Sixth Card From Top
111 A Miracle in Modern Seership
113 - Operation
114 - For Audience Presentation
116 Mysterious Dr. "Q" Materialization of a Living Human Being
119 Spirit Paintings
126 - Easel
126 - Frame for Canvas
126 - Pictures
127 - Operation
128 Devil's Breath
129 Hindoo Needle Trick
131 The Human Magnet
133 Levitation
137 The Asrah Illusion
138 - Presentation
141 Producing a Spook
144 The Original Duck Vanish: specification
146 Sawing a Lady in Two: specifications and details
149 Secret Correspondence: invisible ink
150 - Additional Formula by the Publisher
151 The Great Mail Bag Escape
152 Packing Box Escape Mystery: specifications and details
154 Challenge Handcuff Act
154 - Mr. Blank, the Jail Breaker
157 Some Experiences of Dr. "Q" While Presenting His Handcuff Act in Connection With His Spiritualistic Show
163 Advertising Scheme Extraordinary
166 A Crystal Seer's Busy Day: cartoon