Alford, Jason: Cyber Sessions
1999 Jason Alford
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 160 Pages
Jason Alford: Cyber Sessions
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Comments (Andrew Loh): Illustrated by: Jason Alford. A great collection of close-up card magic. There are a small number of non-card items, most of the materials are high quality and doable magic. Highly recommended!


5 Preface (Jon Racherbaumer)
6 Introduction (Martin A. Nash)
7 Foreword (Jason Alford)

9 Problem Posed
11 Signing Off (Tomas Blomberg)
15 Just a Thought (Paul Cummins)
20 Double or Nothing (Aaron Goldberg)
25 Open Predicament (Tom Gagnon)
29 TSAR (Tomas Blomberg)
33 Duped (Tomas Blomberg)
35 Sim Sala Simmons (Aaron Goldberg)
37 Match Maker (Michael Sibbernsen)

39 Effects
41 Archaic Spares (R. Paul Wilson)
44 Order Up (Jason Alford / Doug Conn)
46 Cards to Pocket and Case (Darryl V. Harris)
49 Flash Cut (Michael Sibbernsen)
51 Time Operator (Tom Stone)
53 Fained Casualty (R. Paul Wilson)
54 Gnat Eats Locust (Jason Tang)
56 W.T. Control / W.T. Multiple Shift (Earl Nelson)
59 Half a Card Trick (Ed Andres)
61 Internal (Peter Duffie)
63 Suit Cut Suit (Jason Alford)
65 Jason's Trick (Ken Simmons)
68 Royal Gathering (Christian Ehret)
71 Presto Attracto Card II (Daryl)
75 Ginzu (Doug Conn)
77 Draun's Erdnase Change (Steve Draun)
79 Five Card Joker Poker, Jokers Wild! (Chas Roberts)
82 A Sandwich That's Not So Pure (David Solomon)
84 Transit Poison '98 (Aaron Goldberg)
87 Nightmare Poker (Marty Kane)
89 Pen Production (Mark Aspiazu)
91 Demolition (Steve Beam)
93 Dancing with JNH (Jason Tang)
96 Picasso's Bill (Marc Desouza)
98 Snow-Blind Kings (Jon Racherbaumer)
101 The Physics Lesson (Kevin Kelly)
104 The World Series of Poker (Don Voltz)
106 Spare Change (Jason Alford)
109 Kaluwaert's Kannibal Kings (John Caluwaert)
111 The Real Inversion (Ed Marlo)
113 Two the Hard Way (Ken Simmons)
117 A Collect Call (Peter Groning)
120 Four What (Shaun Robison)
123 The Magic Underground (Marty Kane)
125 Gramp's Case (Tomas Blomberg)
128 Quickie (Peter Groning)
130 Hawk Transpo (Mark Aspiazu)
133 Test Conditions (Gary Freed)
135 Invisible Elasticity (Nathan W. Kranzo)
138 Fingertip Fingertip (Joshua Jay)
140 The Full Molly (Don England)
144 The Subtlest Poker Move of All (Ashford Kneitel )
146 Clean Cut Shuffle (Peter Groning)
148 Dirty Harry (Andrew Wimhurst)
150 Whispering Collectors (Tomas Blomberg)
153 Goldincrease (Nathan W. Kranzo)
155 Convincing Cut (Chad Long)
156 Twixter In My Pocket (Joel Givens)