Alford, Jason (The Second Deal): Deal or No Deal
©2008 The Second Deal
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 36 pages
Jason Alford:
              Deal or No Deal
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Comments: This book is from The Second Deal 2008 convention.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Another 76 Trick (Allan Ackerman)
2 A Tool In The Toolbox (Brett Bishop)
3 Tabling The Convincing Control (Jason Dean)
4 Double Occupancy (John Guastaferro)
5 Key Card Shift (Mark Aspiazu)
6 Lmao (Mark Tams)
7 Off-Centre Point (Peter Duffie)
8 Ah - Very Near Sloth Control (Tyler Wilson)
9 Mr. T Formation (Cody Fisher)
10 Fast Track Triumph (Steve Reynolds)
11 What A Pity Mr. Bond (Scotty Johnson)
12 Luka Meets Mr. Lucky (John Luka)
13 Helter-Skelter Poker (Jon Racherbaumer)
14 Delta Force (Mike Powers)
15 You Do As I Do...Or Else (Jeff Pierce)
16 Turning Le Paul (Aaron Delong)
17 Shish Kabob (Tony Miller)
18 Ass-Backwards (Troy Hooser)