Alford, Jason: Freebie 3
©2002 Jason Alford
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 34 pages
Image courtesy eBay seller DarfStellar
Jason Alford: Freebie 3

Comments: The "Freebie" series were sets of notes provide at the annual The Second Deal (TSD) conferences.

Contents (Courtesy Dickey/Roat's The Magic Files):

3 Not as Impromptu (Peter Duffie)
4 Triple Erdnase (Nathan Kranzo)
6 Elevator4 (Jason Alford)
11 New Orleans Slip (Mark Aspiazu)
13 Out of This Gathering (Steve Reynolds)
14 8 Hour Fan Change (Andi Gladwin/Ashford Kneitel)
17 Late Key (Tomas Blomberg)
20 Angled After-burner! (Jason Alford)
24 Estimation (Peter Gröning)
30 4 For Daley (Luke Dancy)