Alford, Jason: Freebie 7
©2006 Jason Alford
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 29 pages
Freebie 7
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Floshubby

Comments: This booklet was given to each person who attended the 6th Annual TSD (The Second Deal) Convention, in Houston, TX, 16-19 March 2006. This volume was limited to 150 copies.


1 Classical Prelude (Andi Gladwin)
3 Ace Beam Boom (Rich Aviles)
6 The Spectator Cuts (Allan Ackerman)
13 Double Barreled Shotgun (Jack Parker)
16 Jack This Ace (Trini Montes)
20 Hit It & Split It (Jack Parker & Tyler Wilson)
25 Re-figured Prefigured Figuration (J.C. Wagner)