Alford, Jason: Thinking & Wondering
1998 Jason Alford
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 37 pages
Jasson Alford: Thinking & Wondering
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Comments (Andrew Loh): A great booklet contains many wonderful items. Highly recommended! Illustrated by: Jason Alford


4 Exxon Mix Up: Three red and three black cards are shown and mixed together one at a time. The combined packet alternates red, black, red, black, red, black. The colors then separate. The read cards come to the top and the black cards go to the bottom. The three cards are put together, but this time the three reds are together on the bottom with the three blacks on top. Instantly, the colors mix. The packet is now mixed red, black, red, black, red, black.
6 Spreading the Collectors Thin: The four Kings are removed and tabled face-up. Three selections are made and lost in the deck. When the four face-up Kings are spread, there are three face-down cards between the Kings. You guessed it...these three cards are the selections.
9 Sandwich Spread: The magician shuffles a red deck of cards thoroughly. He then removes two Jokers from a blue deck. A willing spectator removes any card he wishes and signs it across the face. The card is returned to the deck. Our hero, the magician, places one of the blue Jokers about 1/3 of the way from the top of the deck. He then places the other about 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the deck. Both Jokers are face down and left out-jogged for about 1/2 of their length. Our hero then pushes both flush and immediately spreads the deck. The two blue Jokers have somehow come together in the center. They are now separated by only one card. Our hero shows that it is the signed card and leaves to thunderous applause.
10 Grasshopper Takes A Leap: The four Jacks are removed from the. The spectator then selects a card. The selection is placed between two of the Jacks: the other two are tabled. The three-card sandwich is shown, then the chosen card vanishes...only to reappear between the two tabled Jacks.
12 A Cut Above: A deck of cards is brought forth and mixed up a bit. It is spread face-up on the table and it is seen to be in random order. The deck is squared and placed face-down on the table. The magician requests that the spectator cut the deck into four piles. Without the magician coming near the deck, the spectator himself turns over the top card
of each pile to reveal the four Aces.
14 Hover Change: The deck is held face up in left hand dealing position. Your right hand waves its hand several inches above the deck. During this, your right fingers are spread wide. When your hand passes over the deck, the face card of the deck changes into another card.
16 Chink-A-Chink (Jason Alford / Doug Conn): Four coins are borrowed from a spectator: a penny, nickel, dime and quarter. The coins are placed in a square formation on the performer's working surface. With only the shadow of his hands coming near the coins, the magician causes all four coins to instantly and visibly travel together and join in one corner!
18 Slow Motion Chink ( Jason Alford / Tomas Blomberg): Four coins are borrowed from a spectator: a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. The coins are placed in a square formation on the performer's working surface. The performer waves his hands over two of the coins and causes one of them to travel invisibly to join the other one. He repeats
this twice more, causing all four coins to travel together under one hand
20 A Quarter Off: This is just an idea to use with your favorite "Cutting to the Aces" routine.
20 Knuckle Sandwich: The two red Aces are removed and tabled. A spectator looks at a card in the deck and the deck is immediately squared. The cards are dribbled onto the table until the spectator says stop. When he says stop, one of the red Aces is placed face-up to mark that position. The remainder of the cards are dribbled onto the face-up ace until the spectator says stop. The second red Ace is placed face-up here to mark this position. The rest of the cards are dribbled on top of the face-up red Ace. The deck is spread between the hands to show that the face-up Aces are separated by about half of the face-down deck. The cards are squared. Upon spreading the deck again, the red Aces are seen to have come together to trap one card between them. You guessed it: the selection.
22 Locate & Rescue: While sitting with your magician friends, the conversation turns to "impossible locations". You offer to show them your latest impossible location. The deck is spread for someone to remove a card (no force). The deck is tabled as you turn your back. You ask the spectator to lift up a portion of the deck and put their selection in the deck. You then ask them to shuffle and cut the deck as much as they wish. You turn back around and name their selection.
23 Squirt: The same effect as "Grasshopper Takes A Leap".
26 CCCB - Color Changing Card Box): The magician is holding a blue deck of cards that is still in its box. He says that he is not feeling "blue" today and would rather another color. With a simple shake of the card box, it turns red. The box is shown all around and a red deck is removed for his next miracle.
28 Poker Triumph: A story about a magician and a gambler is told. They were talking about who was better at their respective fields. The two men decided to test each other's abilities. They decide to see who can find-a-four-of-a-kind the quickest. Before they start, they decide to make it a little more interesting: they shuffle the whole deck face-up and facedown. The gambler goes first. He cuts a portion from the mixed up deck and cuts to a King. He then continues to cut to the other three Kings. It is now the magicians turn to see if he can find a four-of-a-kind faster. The magician simply waves his hand over the deck and then spreads the cards. Every card in the deck is now face-down, except for the four Aces which are face-up in the middle of the spread.
30 Flip Flop Cut: In-the-hands false cut.
32 Twixter: The four Jacks are shown front and back. Suddenly, one of the Jacks turns face-down. Without warning, another Jack turns down. This is repeated by the third and fourth Jacks. The magician says it's really hard to do the effect with the Jacks, that's why he uses the Ten's. He turns the four cards face-up and they are the four Ten's.
33 Just Plain Evil: Two blue Jokers are shown and placed on the table. A card is selected from a red deck. The Jokers are placed on top of the deck and cut into the middle. The deck is spread and the Jokers have sandwiched one card. This card is the selection. The selections is left between the Jokers and the sandwich is cut back into the deck. The cards are spread again, but the selection has vanished from between the Jokers. The Jokers are now placed in separate parts of the deck. One is placed near the top, and the other near the bottom. The Jokers are slowly pushed flush with the deck, and then the deck is immediately spread. The Jokers have come together once again to trap the selection.
36 Floating Deck: The magician places a deck of cards down on the table and places his finger tips on top. With only his fingertips touching the cards, the deck begins to lift off the table. The deck floats up an inch or two before floating back to the table.