Alford, Jason & Jack Parker: Ashes to Ashes
2004 Alford & Parker
eBook 28 pages, 67 Images
Ashes to Ashes

Comments: Exploration and Development of Angled After-Burner!. Ashes To Ashes is an Ebook teaching Jason Alford's move "Angled After-Burner!", then exploring applications for the move. Applications are varied and include controls, reversals, color changes, color changing cards, a sandwich routine, palms, passes, and many other ideas. Mr. Parker sadly passed away in 2007, so I am not sure of the availability of his products. His website is still up at:

Contents: (page numbers added Jun 2023 courtesy Wolfgang Lohfind (cybercardmagic) at

2 Introduction - Jack Parker
4 The Original Angled After-Burner! (Jason Alford): Learn the original Angled After-Burner before experimenting with the uses to follow.
7 Learn to Burn - Tips on Angled After-Burner! (Jack Parker): Jack gives tips on learning Angled After-Burner.
8 The After-Burner Color Change (Jason Alford): This is one of the most startling color changes of a card that is angled off of the deck.
9 Back Burner (Jack Parker): After the selection rises to the top of the deck, its back changes color.
11 Badly Burned (Jason Alford): Similar to Back Burner, but with an extra phase and a few throw off moves for anyone who may think they're following you.
13 Twin Burner (Jack Parker): A very pretty and shocking color change of two cards simultaneously.
14 Half Burned (Jack Parker): This utilizes Angled After-Burner and a gaffed card (one you already have) to create a very clean change of one card to another.
15 Reverse Burn - Version One (Jason Alford): A card is selected and left out-jogged in the deck. The selection is slowly pushed flush, yet you can immediately show that it is now reversed in the center of the deck.
17 Reverse Burn - Version Two (Jason Alford): Another method of secretly reversing a card in the center of the deck.
18 The Bold Reverse Burn (Jason Alford): The title says this one is bold, and it is. This card reversal has a descrepancy in it that will make you smile when you try it.
19 Toasted Sandwich (Jason Alford): A very clean sandwich utilizing Angled After-Burner as an integral part of the method.
21 Burn Baby Burn (Jack Parker): The selection shrinks to half its size, then returns to normal in a matter of seconds.
23 Hot Thoughts (Jason Alford): Various ideas for using Angled After-Burner to cover a palm, half pass, pass, or a side steal.

24 Bonus items
24 Four Change (Jason Alford): A quick change of a Four to a Three, Two, then to an Ace. Finally, the Ace becomes four Aces.
25 Pre Heat (Jack Parker): This is a very interesting transposition between two cards without using a duplicate. Includes the "Pre Heat Double Lift"
27 The Hidden Half Pass (Jack Parker): A method for performing a half pass of a card in the second from bottom position of the deck. This is utilized for some of the routines in the book.