Allen, CC: The Legend of Mac McDonald
1986 Professor Presto, Mesa, AZ
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 34 pages
Allen: Legend
              of Mac McDonald
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3 Just Call Me Mac...: A Brief History of Mac McDonald
8 The Magic Business: A Chain of Trick Stores
10 McDonald's Magic: The Champagne of Magic
14 Mac's Tricks: Simple Things that made a legend
17 Small Miracles: Rings, String and a Magic Lesson
19 The Egg on Fan: the creation of life
22 More Magic: a coin and a puzzle
24 Pitch Tricks: Svengalis, Rattlers, and Monte
26 The Coin in Glass: Professor Hillman and His Strange Stuff
28 The $100 Ace Routine: One for the Money
29 The Big Top: A Big Way to End an Act
31 The Real Secrets: The things that count