Harry Allen: Sleight of Foot in Mouth
Allen, Harry: Sleight of Foot in Mouth
©1985 Harry Allen, FL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x.5", 24 pages
Harry Allen: Sleight of Foot in Mouth
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Comments: The third book if Harry's "Sleight of" series. Over two-hundred one-liners, heckler stoppers, M.C. Bits.

Contents (from book):

1 Introduction (Carlk Ballantine)
2 Contributors: Carl Ballantine, Irv Cook, Jim Elbers, Dan Garrett, Rus Glover (Dr. Chang), John McCollister, Hank Miller, Tom 'Pepe' Piccard
3 Openings
3 Comedy Fillers
5 Introducing Your Next Trick
6 Insults and Heckler Stoppers
7 Audience Assistant
9 Situational Comedy: loud clothing, no laughs, no applause, etc.
20 Famous American Fibs
21 M.C. Bits and Gags
24 Photo: B&W photo of Harry Allen & Irv Cook